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1.  Please contact me before booking all appointments, to check to see if your desired appointment date and time is available: Text (615) 900-0764.


2. I work in the entertainment industry, and not all dates with artists are not on my calender. Please contact me before scheduling your appointment. Your date may not be available.

3. There is an extra $25 fee for appointments scheduled  before 8:30am.

4. ALL appointments require a non-refundable fee for booking.


5. I do not travel on Saturdays and Sundays, unless otherwise stated. (IF asked to travel, book "Home Service Makeup Session")

6. Due to industry productions, your appointments may be moved to an earlier or later time.

6.Clients must take care of all parking fees, if you ask mua to travel.

Questions or Concerns

TEXT: (615)900-0764